Your CSR and Sustainability Reports are in experienced hands with us

Others are also aware of the usual reporting standards – but our strength is to express your core messages in texts individually, succinctly and to the point. In doing so, I work with a team of experienced copywriters who have a wealth of professional experience.


Our reports stand out thanks to an active, clear and neutral language. We lend factual presentations and opinions a self-confident, dynamic and at the same time serious character.


When writing reports, we always bear in mind the graphic elements so that text and image come together in the end to create a consummate work.

Our reporting work has already won several commendations and always receives positive feedback from our customers.


We take care of all necessary steps for you to draw up convincing Sustainability and CSR Reports: from writing the raw texts taking into consideration usual standards (GRI, DNK, UNGC etc.) to the detailed editing and right up to quality assurance. On top of that, we are also happy to take care of the complete project management.

BMW Group Report 2020

BMW Group Report 2020

BMW SVR 2019


BMW SVR 2018


BMW SVR 2017


2nd place IÖW-Ranking

BMW SVR 2016


BMW SVR 2015


1st place IÖW-Ranking

BMW SVR 2014


BMW SVR 2013


1st place IÖW-Ranking

Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2020

DKV Mobility 2019


Sustainability Report 2020/21

Sustainability Report 2020/21

Ista International 2018

Hamborner REIT 2017

Grohe 2015/2016

Lufthansa Group 2014