Your ESG-, CSR- and Sustainability Reports in our experienced hands

Our strength lies not only in my in-depth knowledge of the relevant international reporting standards, but also in the language and communication skills of the bilingual team we work with. It includes both English and German native speakers, who have a wealth of professional experience in copywriting, content creation and editing for German and global clients on a wide and diverse range of topics. Let us get your message across – clearly, succinctly and with impact.


Our reports stand out thanks to our excellent research skills, our commitment to finding the right language to express what you have to say, and our rigorous quality assurance processes. We aim to strike a balance between fulfilling the formal requirements of reporting while also making texts reader-friendly with a vibrant, clear and impartial language. We lend factual presentations and opinions a self-confident, dynamic and at the same time serious character.

Our reporting work has already won several commendations and always receives positive feedback from our customers. The majority of our work comes through referrals from satisfied clients.


Offering a full service you can rely on – we take care of all necessary steps on your behalf, to make sure your Sustainability and CSR Reports are read with interest: from writing the raw texts in consideration of the relevant standards (GRI, SASB, CSRD, DNK, UNGC etc.) to the detailed editing process, right up to the final quality assurance. We are also happy to take care of the complete project management.

BMW Group Report 2020

BMW Group Report 2020

BMW SVR 2019


BMW SVR 2018


BMW SVR 2017


2nd place IÖW-Ranking

BMW SVR 2016


BMW SVR 2015


1st place IÖW-Ranking

BMW SVR 2014


BMW SVR 2013


1st place IÖW-Ranking

rebuy 2022

rebuy: Sustainability Report

SYNLAB: ESG Report 2021

SYNLAB: ESG Report 2021

DKV Mobility 2020

Sustainability Report 2020

DKV Mobility 2019


Ista International 2021/22

ista International: Progress Report 2021/22

Ista International 2020/21

Sustainability Report 2020/21

Ista International 2019/20

ista International: Progress Report 2019/20

Ista International 2018

Grohe 2015/2016

Lufthansa Group 2014